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Providing Compassionate Care for Individuals in London


General Home Care

United Care (UK) Home Care services to individuals take into account their own personal care needs, ensure that individuals are comfortable and well taken care off. Services provided include;

Support Health Condition

United Care (UK) Ltd Staff are very well trained and understand the common conditions that affect individuals using our services. Caring for individuals with tracheostomy is part of our expertise in the community (own home environment).



Lenna R (Daughter of Client)

The care we received over the last two months for my mother was outstanding. All the carers were devoted to ensuring my mother was consistently given the utmost love, care and sensitive attention. The coordination ensured communication was effective and my mother’s physical and emotional needs were dealt with sensitively, ensuring family members were well informed. Links with medical professionals were dealt with speedily and the love shown was so appreciated.
When my mum's life ended, the carer dealt with sensitivity and exceptional professionalism.

Submitted on 27 January 2024


A F (Client)

To enable me to be discharged from hospital I was given a care package. Without the carer's assistance, I would not have been able to manage on my own. I was discharged on the 4th of April with a carer calling morning and evening. All my needs were met by these women who treated me with the greatest care and respect. My care needs were met on every level and it's thanks to them that I gradually got my independence back and can now manage myself. What an excellent service they give. Thank you.

Submitted on 30 August 2023

L B (Niece of Client)

Overall, I have been very satisfied with the care provided by United Care UK. The main care representative is always accessible and responds to messages relating to my aunt's care promptly and takes issues on board dealing with problems where possible and appropriate. Likewise, I am contacted by the agency whenever there are concerns that need my input. Generally, the individual carers have been good, with the current carer being very good with a positive attitude and a friendly caring manner, which my aunt responds to. Communication is good. There is sometimes an issue with timing i.e. confirming definite times when a carer can be present can be difficult, but effort is always made to accommodate these arrangements as best as possible, so I am satisfied. The main manager/carer uses initiative without prompting from me i.e. when there are concerns about my aunt's health, behaviour or medication, I am informed promptly.

Submitted on 27 June 2023

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